Mangoro river


A wonderfull natural natural spectacle,the mythical river Mangoro is the biggest river of the east coast of Madagascar.The flow remains hight all year,round as it is fed by numerous tributaries from different sources(lakes,tropical forest,bogs,mountains).

Traversing an isolated region with no possibility of replenishing provisions requires a good organisation,logistics and autonomy.

A good physique and technical skill is required as the descent, has little let-up with rapids and waterfalls one after the other,some needing portage.

In some of the calmer sections a small number of crocodiles exist but their numbers are diminishing,regardless of their status of protected species.


Rafting trip of 2 days(1 day on the water)open to all.

Expedition of 10 days or major expedition of 20-30 days totally self-supported.For very motivated and experienced kayakers.

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